Olde Towne Chiropractic, Clinton, MS

Client Stories

“Dr. Haley is the best chiropractor ever.

Since I walked in for my first appointment, I felt so welcomed and that feeling continued until I was out the door. Dr. Haley is not only extremely personable and kind, but she is very knowledgeable and has a passion for educating her patients. She walked me through every step of her exam and educated me on what she was seeing/feeling and how she planned to help alleviate the issues.

Doctors can be a very vulnerable experience, especially being someone with a larger body and she has never pulled the typical doctor card of “you should lose weight and your problems will go away,” which is so important to me. She takes me and my pain seriously and wants to help however she can. She didn’t put me on a standardized schedule, instead, she told me she likes to personalize everyone’s appointments based on what their body needs. That made me feel very taken care of AND made me feel that she wasn’t going to just set appointments for the sake of filling the books.

I promise whoever you’re seeing is probably good, but Dr. Haley is better.  I look forward to my appointments every time!”

– Grace Boudoin

“Seeing Dr. Haley always makes me feel better and minus pain. I make the drive from Jackson to Clinton to go to OTC. The office is welcoming, Dr. Haley is gentle, and she explains all procedures. My first visits to Dr. Haley were healing. She identified my issues and set up a schedule that eventually healed my aches and pains. I like that adjustments are now on an as-needed basis. This office has everything I need, and I love every visit– look forward to it. I’d like Dr. Haley to know that she is helping me grow old gracefully and pain-free. She has the magic touch!” 


“She immediately diagnosed my problem and recommended a treatment program. Since seeing Dr. Haley, I’ve experienced less back pain and my legs are now even. It has been a good experience, and everyone is so attentive. ” 


 “Dr. Haley is awesome! She listens and then adjusts to take care of my complaint. Most recently, my neck and shoulders have been aching, but her adjustments have eliminated almost all of my pain. Also, my hips are level now, so I no longer have to have my pants legs hemmed to different lengths! Thank you for the wonderful care you always provide. You always know just what to adjust to make me better. Thank you!”


Olde Towne Chiropractic, Clinton, MS